Time Cards: a Public History Project (2016)


a history wherein the the images of things give way to the things themselves

with Natasha Brooks-Sperduti, fabrication, siting and installation; and Gayle Grunwald, research consultation.



“Time Cards” aka “Passages” was inspired by the geological and industrial history of a former cement works and mine in the town of Rosendale, New York.  The intent of the work was to evoke a felt sense of the past by way of its material traces–the stone ruins of a former kiln, the fossiliferous surface of the the mine’s outer walls, the banks of water conveyance routes now quiet.  

The exhibit consisted of small laminated cards, which we hung inside of the old mine and in the now-forested spaces surrounding it.  


One separate set of cards tells the story of the Delaware & Hudson canal, which runs alongside the Snyder Estate and played an instrumental role in the rise of the cement industry.  This set was strung at eye-level on the banks of a water path that once connected the old cement works to the D&H.



A third set of cards, placed along a wooded path just beyond the entrance to the Widow Jane mine, spoke to my own experiences leading up to the exhibit.  

And here is a gallery of (very amateurish and a little fuzzy) photos from the opening day, which (sort of) shows the cards as they were meant to be viewed, embedded in the landscape.