nothing left behind

It is hard not to wonder if homo sapiens is foolishly burning all of its bridges.

Maybe so, but does it follow that humanity is a thing apart from so-called nature, or does the same omnipresent intelligence spin forests as well as cities into being?  Perhaps humankind is the gate through which this intelligence is passing, the basket holding all of nature’s eggs, as it were.  So that human life, its apparent antagonist, is in fact nature’s “finest instrument.”

Terrence McKenna explores this idea in depth in a lecture titled ‘Eros and the Eschaton,’ available here.

Swami Vivekananda wrote that “the protoplasm was the involution of the highest intelligence.  You may not see it, but that involved intelligence is what is uncoiling itself until it becomes manifested in the most perfect man.”  And manifesting itself, perhaps, in that distributed, artificial super-intelligence that beckons from the other side of reflective screens.

(from “The Cosmos,” delivered in New York, 19th Jan., 1896.)


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